We offer:
  • in-office appointments
  • meetings at agreed choice location
  • live telephone coaching conversations for travelling or permanent overseas clients
  • buy one coaching session to receive a complementary second session *
  • cost effective coaching at affordable budget prices
  • we have outsource connections on hand for ALIFEKEY clients to assist with a higher needs assessment


ALIFEKEY encourages helpful solutions to enrich and improve your lifestyle. ALIFEKEY service spectrum is unique giving riveting attention to you.

Enhancing positive lifestyle:

  • individual adult life skills coaching
  • confidential personal client care services
  • achieve tremendous growth potential
  • enjoy balance and harmony

New family advice for quality time:

  • first time parents
  • nanny / kin care
  • stay at home parents
  • family mentoring

Encouragement to develop self-esteem:

  • social settings
  • work environment
  • leisure time
  • relocation

Compassionate crisis care:

  • bereavement / loss of loved one
  • sensitive past experiences
  • elderly emotional support
  • personal life changes to individuals

ALIFEKEY offers a soft, warm-heart during times of emotional torment, heartache and struggle in life which gives everyone so much pleasure that can also yield each of us to great pain. Daily our lives have circumstance, choice and unexpected events, all of which shape our everyday forward to achieve strength with direction, takes courage. ALIFEKEY can enable you to build new life during times of crisis. The impossible can gradually become the possible. Take a step with ALIFEKEY and gently together you will gain ownership of life's emotions. To find a path forward maybe painful: follow the path and see the beauty of life once again. ALIFEKEY will teach strength to you and thus enable you to use A LIFE KEY of your own.

ALIFEKEY services are offered in small group sessions at our office or at your agreed preferred location.

We accept VISA, cash or cheque. Tax receipt eligibility available.

*not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer is subject to change.