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ALIFEKEY of Aurora welcomes you. Sharron Smyth, founder of ALIFEKEY, has substantial hands-on experience. We have available for your viewing a portfolio richly packed with additional information and references. ALIFEKEY has been developing and evolving during a continued on-going timeframe since 1989 to present day. ALIFEKEY offers personal individual, adult lifestyle coaching. We are proud to be a direct active part of Canadian family culture since our coaching began in 1992. Review history – Quality Time Daycare.

Stop for a moment: are you someone who pursues new interests during life’s path to allow new growth and cultivate your individual lifestyle with productive decisions to enhance, stimulate and encourage positive change, which at times can become a crossroads in life. ALIFEKEY life skills coaching will identify with your obstacles and help with your choice of the most appealing direction. Then you can anticipate and recognize superior outcomes to optimize your set of valuable and practical life skills, enabling you to reach goals with a positive conclusion.

ALIFEKEY will guide you with mature friendly dynamic techniques focusing on the present to allow balance and harmony to transform personal growth within everyday life, teaching you to use your inner self to strengthen and transform the character that lives within by externalizing who you feel you truly are for your future. ALIFEKEY will enhance your world of lifestyle with a positive edge and fresh outlook, bringing exhilarating changes coming together with the energy from your inner self as you learn to adapt, thereby allowing growth steps to attain A LIFE KEY to use on your own.

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