Fine Art Tapestry Of Life

Thank you to all the talented writers who put their thoughts into the media, sharing to inspire local communities and the world around us.

A marketing connection recently asked me, who my life hero is, simple and obvious I replied our beautiful rich mosaic clad planet earth, which holds all of our life lessons, without earth, we would have no life lessons to share. How fortunate we are to learn from and about history, allowing insight to

Birth, new species, death and extinction;  the A list that is as long and wide as earth herself to which we all belong to and by adding our part to nature verse nurture. Humans have evolved and became the biggest and most dangerous predator  known, not only in the food chain but in every aspect of other living parts of earth, including earth being threatened every second by human needs and selfish wants, whether necessity or luxury some of which are at a very high grave, unforgiving and tragic costs.

The giving home in everyone’s personal world is earth. House cleaning duties and responsibilities can be difficult and tedious to accomplish, how responsible kind people globally truly take charge and ownership to change in regards to chemicals. Do we really need them all, after all nature needs none of them, are we not part of nature, many of these substances we create and use, have the ability to cause death, deformities with a destructive nature, that is not natural to nature, bringing in balance to the world of nature that can be too great to be corrected by either natures efforts or humans after the damage is done.

How about ecosystems, and the animal kingdom, not so much a kingdom when poachers commit heinous activities and crimes? Our forests globally are being torn down no thought of the consequences of homes that live there for generations, GONE forever taken away for car parks subdivisions  being built at alarming rates trees are the planets lungs, no lungs to breath out clean air for everyone , means what

Exactly, take a moment to think on this puzzle piece!

Our Oceans, seas , lakes , rivers, devastation  that human kind is doing to so many helpless water creatures, who have no metal weapons , to protect their world from the deadliest invaders . They have very little chance of survival, our nets technology, equipment with all the tools necessary to find catch any and almost all of these wonderful creatures, that are not a threat to any land dwelling beings, shrinking populations and detrimental effects to the environment never to be put back, because so much has been taken away not only from the gifts of nature waterways and everything.

The human race has great power with compassionate strength to collectively ensure re-growth and growth of Mother Nature’s abundance in countries of the world. Governments can make positive change and give aid with long term support that is required to help the countries that struggle with understanding the big picture of a healthy global future, most leaders become leaders to create a better home for their people to live in, that is why we follow believing it can happen, no matter where in the world you are, together every human can help to change the destructive platform of what is happening now much more than 50 or 100 years ago.


Create a Lasting Legacy

In the end we will conserve only what we love.
We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught


Stop becoming blind , we see some things and protect and preserve great works of priceless art, hanging in museums places of worship, hallways and over fire-places. Enjoyed for centuries by countless people world over, who pay for a glimpse of beauty by the gifted. And yet we do not protect more of the priceless, longevity of a healthy life for future generations, preserving not only fine art but ultimately the rich colorful tapestry of all life on Earth.

Check out this art lover’s book:
-The Louvre: All the Paintings
 By Vincent  Pomarede & Anja Grebe

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